Tough. Resilient. Incredibly agile. Focused on Growth. Strong yet Flexible. Truth Tellers. Women with a point of view.

There are many epic qualities the SnapDragon is known for. Call us. You’ll understand why this flower is our spirit animal.



A Unique Model

We are radically lean and agile, a small core group of senior thought leaders and a cultivated, curated friend-lancer network of globally embedded, globally minded experts. This approach keeps costs down and delivers superior work.

What We Do Well

Elevating challenger brands, outmaneuvering the big boys, reinventing brand equities and brand engagement, deep, actionable consumer insight rooted in culture, building real relationships with our clients, no bullshit (transparency is our number 1 value), loving what we do as a team

What We Don’t Do Well

Thinking within the box, blowing smoke up your skirt, being a creative waiter or waitress, disappointing our clients, politics

Our Core Offering
  • Brand Development
  • Brand Strategy (Portfolio architecture)
  • Brand Transformation
  • Semiotics
  • Ethnography
  • Design Strategy
  • Digital & Social Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Package Design
  • POS
  • Trends
  • Our honest point of view
  • Impact

SnapDragon Values

Transparency is a must. Diversity and Inclusion are what we are built on. Design is a problem solving tool which can manifest in visceral creative. We hold the truths that people tell us as sacred. Change is inevitable – embrace it.


Net, we aren’t yes women (or men)

We exist to help brands transform to be the best version of themselves. If you want an honest, dedicated partner who brings the best thinking, research and value to your initiative AND you have a good sense of humor, we may be a great match.

Work Snapshots

Equity Building Workshop | Equity Foundation Development | Consumer Segmentation & Activation | Culture Safari (Barista) | Competitive Positioning Audit | Semiotics Audit | Positioning Whitespace Audit | Consumer Research | Product Positioning | Package Design | Identity Design | Standards & Guidelines

Package Design | Retail Audit | Brand Identity Design | 3D Visualization

Portfolio Architecture | Competitive Positioning Audit | Concept Development | Consumer Research & Insights | Brand Tone of Voice | Brand Identity Design | Nomenclature Development | Package Design | Brand Brief

Portfolio Architecture | Competitive Positioning Audit | Package Design

Consumer Insights | Package Design | Retail Audit | Brand Identity Design | 3D Visualization

Portfolio Architecture | Equity Research and Development | Concept Development | Consumer Research & Insights | Brand Identity Design | Package Design | Brand Brief

We Are Seasoned

Long in the tooth, with creativity as our wheelhouse. We’ve been at this for awhile. There’s no one green on this team. Collectively we have worked on some incredible brands as individuals all over the world. Here’s a smattering of the clients we have worked on as SnapDragon:



As thought leaders, we enjoy sharing our industry point of view.

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